It is with a drinking water project, that will benefit to 500 persons, that Global Human Aide initiated his action in Vietnam in 2014. Located in the mountain, in the Lâm Dông area), the community has for sole source of water supply the river. A water treatment machine, using activated carbon, has been installed. Now, pure water is easily accessible.

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Help has also been provided for repairs of the church’s basement, deteriorated by heavy rain.

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In Hanoï, in Northern Vietnam, GHA helped an orphanage (which was not government subsidized) to finance the boarder schooling. The purpose of this structure is to give an education and to take care of the children until they reach the age of majority, allowing them to learn a trade (to become a cook, a taxi driver….) The manager of the orphanage, a former opera singer, enhance awareness of art and music among them.

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In Bao Loc (Lâm Dông Province), a welcoming centre for dioxin-poisoned children (an orange agent sprayed through the Vietnamese forests during the war) has been sustained. This institution, which is serving around 80 children, is looking for solutions so that the children can become self-sufficient at the most: sewing and the making of craft objects are proposed. The works, then being created, are sold. The proceeds from the sale are used to keep the place operational.

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In Saigon, GHA supported a children and young adults’centre. This place is now taking care of 67 young people living with HIV. The Association provided food for one year.

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In the Kien Giang Province (South Vietnam), funding has also been provided by GHA for the rehabilitation of the kitchen facilities and the dining-room of an herbal Vietnamese medicine hospital. This structure can ensure 500 meals, twice a day for the sick and their family. The patients are very poor and receive free healthcare. Traditional doctors grow their medicinal plants around the place.

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In Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), a young people’s association has been receiving help. Each Saturday, they meet in a coffee-shop and spend their time preparing food for very poor and long-term care residents.

In the morning, food bags are prepared and then distributed to individuals diagnosed with cancer (about 130). In the afternoon, they prepare a large complete soup which is distributed at the entrance of another hospital. 600 persons will then benefit from this meal.

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GHA has financed English courses for several persons, and so, for one year. A good knowledge of this language will greatly facilitate their opportunity to get a job.

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A catholic nun, working in the South of Vietnam, has also been sponsored. Her work relates to miscellaneous areas: education, various health care, food, and housing construction for the most needy persons (hove houses).
Pictures will be sent, by her own means, as her actions proceed.

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