Haiti 2014

Once the GHA team has left, the different projects have been successfully implemented. Each school day, the canteen is operational. 238 children from Marouge and Domond’s primary schools can avail of this facility.

cole_marouge_2_Copy_  cole_domond_2_Copy_


cantine_2_Copy_  cantine_Copy_


cantine_domond_2_Copy_  cantine_domond_Copy_




The premises for the kitchen and all its equipment is now over.


Agricultural classes are running all right. Part of the harvest provides food for the canteen.

cours_agriculture_2_Copy_  cours_agriculture_4_Copy_


Some of the house building projects supported by GHA are now completed.

Before :


After :


An other house, before:


During construction :


After :


A third house before :


After :


Some of them are still at the foundation stage.


On the other hand, the other community receiving support, and located at Croix de Bouquet (near Port au Prince), has developed her own agricultural project. In the first hand, corn and peas have been planted and harvested.


After a few months:


And the crop:

HPIM3945_Copy_  HPIM3957_Copy_


The dry season can last up to 4 months in Haïti, so an irrigation project has been initiated. It is made up of two phases: a canal connected to the close-by river, as long as it’s running :


An during heavy drought, a well connected to an electrical pump.

P1120714_Copy_  P1120787_Copy_


To prevent the pump and gardening equipment from being stolen, a small locked premises has been built.


Thanks to the water, it has been possible to plant vegetables.


An occasional support has been allocated to an other school in Pelligre (Central Plateau) to cover the teachers’ wages as they did not get any salary for the last six months. The school, attended by 250 children, was just about to close down.


Finally, from November 2014, the building work for the construction of the Domond school will begin on the piece of land bought last year. It will be built with clay and stones, to be finally lime coated. The parents of the pupils will be participating by supplying part of the stones necessary to put up the walls.