Haiti 2009

In 2009, Global Human Aide, in collaboration with the NGO SFWA supported a community of approximately 500 people, after having established a contact with a minister who is in charge of a mission in Port-au-Prince. A school for adults has been created in the fields of IT (use of a computer) and sewing. Works have been undertaken on the ground floor of the mission’s church to be able to look after the students correctly:

construction of a classroom,

purchase of a sewing machines,

haiti28  JEROME_07_370x248_


supply of computers brought from France,


Installation of an internet connection,

construction of bathroom fittings (septic tank, rain water recovering),



purchase of solar panels and batteries to take over during the numerous power failures. (The school is still standing after the earthquake).

Furthermore, a ground has been purchased in Mirebalais (60 km from Port-au-Prince) in order for the community to be able to grow vegetables and cereals that many people can’t buy anymore.


For this project a tank had to be built for the watering of the vegetable garden during the dry season.


a fence has been put up to protect the crops from the cattle.


there is a project for the construction of a complex including a church, an orphanage and a health centre.


the Mission’s nurse has been provided with medicine and medical equipment.

a meal has been prepared for the underprivileged children in Mais Gâté.


A vocal group from the community has received help to produce a CD, the sale of which is going half to the musicians and half to the community to cover running costs (e.g. transportation to and from Mirebalais…)